Video & Quotes: Charles Matthews updates draft process after Nuggets workout



First that I’ve heard Charles Matthews tell the story that he was going to go to MSU before he ended up at Kentucky, but maybe I missed it in the past.


I still have the feeling he will return then go next year. I wonder why recruits can’t say NO to big bad Cal as CM stated.


CM wasn’t invited to the NBA combine, not listed in mock drafts, I don’t understand how he can still be considering the draft.


Well the primary reason is to workout for NBA teams and gather feedback. The reason he declared in the first place.



Oh gosh, for purely selfish reasons, please come back to Michigan!


Interesting, when he moved to the elbow extended he drifted (floated) left on every single shot, in some cases a few feet. I think that will be a major point teams will make with him. He simply cannot drift left like that on his shot if wants to shoot it consistently. His form looks good except for the fact that he drifts so much.


I think him declaring and working out is a good thing kind of like what Mo did last year. Teams told him his weakness, he adjusted especially on defense this year. I think Charles will be back, this years draft class is pretty deep, he probably would go undrafted.


Quote from CM…

“Really they just see that I’m an NBA athlete,” Matthews said. “I’m a guy that can come in and guard and defend multiple positions and create my own shot as well. That translates to the NBA as well.”


And he’s right. He is an NBA athlete. He can defend multiple positions, and he can create his own shot, but he DOES need to improve on that, especially from three, and he needs to continue to work to find open teammates when he takes into the lane. An improved handle in general would help, too. BUT, while he’s right in everything he said, will they DRAFT him this year? To me that is the multi million dollar question, pun intended.

Even if he would be drafted in the second round there is no guarantee he would make the team that drafted him, or an NBA team at all, and I truly believe next year, if he works on those things they tell him to work on, he will be a first round draft choice and perhaps a high first rounder in the top 15 or 20. And THAT would come with a guarantee. Of course it IS his choice with the advice of advisers like his parents, our coaching staff, NBA execs and others he trusts. I hope they advise him well. As always, I wish him only the best.


Charles will be back , that much I’m sure of. He will get another year with the best developer in college hoops and have a monster year and Michigan may just 3peat with Huerter and Jackson gone. Another deep run and with his elite nba athleticism he goes top 20


I like the way you think, Sly!


I read somewhere that there is guaranteed money for early 2nd round players now. That’s more plausible than the first round, or he could go to Europe or China if he needs the money and can’t get any guaranteed money in the NBA. Otherwise, coming back seems to be a sounder choice, but my best shots never came within 2 feet of the basket. . .