Video: Phil Martelli talks Juwan Howard suspension, new role

Does Martelli have any win milestones within reach?

Can’t watch/listen to right now but looking forward to it. Can always count on Phil to give some good insight.

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he is currently at 425 wins

Ngl, I’m decently worried about on the fly playcalling with Martelli with the reins. Hopefully Saddi and Howard are communicating a lot from the bench…

I like when Martelli opened up his hand to show his five fingers and said, “Five. Five decades I’ve been waiting for this job to open up and to be named the David and Meredith Kaplan Michigan Men’s Basketball Coach. 3 years ago I set a plan in motion to usurp the title and at long last it is mine. My enormous gratitude goes to Wisconsin Coaches Greg Gard and Joe Krabbenhoft, whose coordinated assistance made this all possible.”


He said specifically that Eisley will call the plays offensively. We missed a short chunk of video on the presser, so not sure if that’s in there or not.

You’ll see Eisley stand up and call a play and sit down. Also said that he’ll tell the refs that because some of these refs spend too much time worrying about people sitting down or not that they can’t be watching the game :rofl:


Awesome. That’s definitely the right approach

Phil has been doing this a long time. I think he’s pretty comfortable knowing what he doesn’t know.

I think subs, talking to the refs, in-game strategy stuff (2 for 1s, etc.), running timeouts, will all be more along the lines of what he deals with.


Phil will get hit with a double-tech ejection in the first five minutes of the Rutgers game. He will tear off his clothes as a SWAT team is forced to escort him to the locker room


I cringed when I realized he was going into the open hand vs. closed fist analogy.


it was extra hilarious because it wasn’t even on purpose. hey Phil why are you acting head coach again…?

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Love how Martelli was coaching Howard how to really strike someone with power next time he loses it.


Might have to frame this post and hang it in my living room


Fun fact. By my crude calculations, as a head coach Martelli is 4-1 against Rutgers.


This interview is really worth the watch. There’s also a longer version on YouTube. I think it’s close to 30 minutes. If you have the time it’s also worth watching.


The perspective that every one of the posters on this message board, and any social media forum for that matter, or folks, in general, the perspective they will gain from listening is a master course in humnanity. I’ve loved listening to Coach Martelli, Philly Phil, as Sam calls him, since he first joined Juwan here at Michigan. I listen to an interview with Phil that I can get. He is an incredibly thoughtful man. He talks about so many things that are so important. So, if you haven’t yet, please check it out.

I sent a copy of this to my son out in L.A. He has a PhD in Psychology and a lot of experience in dealing with people, and oftentimes when people are hurting, and he has taught a few master courses, himself, if I do say so myself, but no matter how well educated we may be, or how many years of life we have under our belt, and the lessons that those years of our life teaches us, we are all still learning and growing, and that growth will help us to be better people. And it can help us gain perspective.

Listening to Phil helps me grow. It sure did in this video, and he touched me with his thoughts and his manner and the way he cares, even to tearing up a couple of times. So, honestly, please listen.

Edit: Here is the youtube video which is the one I watched. I hope the link works.

Michigan assistant Phil Martelli press conference after Juwan Howard suspension - Bing video


Make it 5-1

I’ve been in sales for 10, yet my gpa sends me motivational and sales tips videos at least once a week. I hope you know that as many times as your son rolls his eyes at the videos you send him, he watches every one and loves you immensely for thinking of him.


First, thank you for the very kind sentiment and comment. Second, I’m about to talk about fathers and sons, or at least MY son and a mention of MY father. There may be a bunch of folks who came on here to read about the Martelli video and NOT Silverblue’s philosophy of fathering, so, it that’s the case for anyone PLEASE, just scroll on by.

So, here we go, he (my son, doesn’t really roll his eyes. Not anymore anyway. He’s 47 years old and he’s had “me” for a dad for a long time. He had me as a coach in both basketball and golf and he’s endured, and I hope taken to heart, all of the lessons I’ve taught, life lessons, along with the skills of basketball and golf. So, he knows. What a GREAT combination THAT is, by the way, to be privileged to coach basketball and golf, WOW! And then to coach your son in both, not always easy, but so fulfilling!

He also knows I have more respect for him than ANY man I know now that his grandfather, my dad, has passed. My dad, quite honestly was the greatest gentleman I 've ever known. My son lives in Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, actually, and I almost never see him anymore, but we talk A LOT! I used to call my mom, every day, when she was in her nineties, before she passed away at 97. I would call her either while on my walk or from the car when I was driving to pick up my granddaughter from school (about a 20 minute drive). I really had nothing else to do, and it was a great time to talk to mom, but she never knew that she really wasn’t the center of my life during those calls, but that it was a convenient time for me. My son calls me three or four times a week, on his drive home from work! Hmmm…convenient!:wink:

I know I’m not really the center of his life at that time, either, he’s just windin’ down from work and calling the “old man,” but that’s OK, he calls…and we talk. And if he wants to talk, I listen. If he’s looking for advice which he usually is NOT, but if he is, I’ll gently offer. I mean REALLY gently. In fact sometimes I just say in my counselor voice, “Well, how do you feel about that?” or “What are you thinking you might do about that?” Reall gentle like, and non-judgemental. And here’s the thing, he tells me he appreciates it! It’s those times wheen he doesn’t have much to say that I have to carry the conversation, but I think anyone reading this knows I CAN do that! :wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyway, thanks, again, for the kind sentiment. As for rolling eyes, when I taught, kids would roll their eyes at me occasionally, and I’d look back at them and say, “Oh Yeah! Well, I can do that, too!” And I’d roll my eyes at them! Pretty soon we’d all be laughing! Teaching and coaching, GREATEST profession ever! :heart:

And NOW, let’s get ready for tonight’s game! :blue_heart:


Now THAT was a great team performance! Go Blue! :blue_heart: