Video: Phil Martelli previews Northwestern rematch


Man, 8 fast break points in last 4 games? I know we don’t force turnovers, don’t rebound well, and don’t force misses (all requirements to initiate opportunities for the break)….but that number just seems obscenely bad.


It also calls to mind Kobe’s brutal decision to not attack a 3-on-2 fast break toward the end of the Purdue game.

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I was disappointed in one of Juwan’s responses during the post game presser Sunday. He said the result of the PSU game was on him which was good but the reason for it was he didn’t have them properly prepared for that game. Well why weren’t they. Also I’m disappointed that HD in the losses they’ve incurred seems totally disinterested especially during the first halves.:slightly_frowning_face:

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Pure coach-speak. I wouldn’t read anything into that response.


Kobe has made improvements in his game but he’s still extremely raw. Unfortunately at this point they probably need more from him and he’s not capable of it. His D has gotten a bit better but it’s still not a net positive. He continues to fall in love with going baseline which is kind of disappointing because he makes that mistake constantly. Unfortunately he’s not a big threat behind the arc which isn’t helping matters when Hunter gets doubled.

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He could have pulled an Izzo and blamed it on something else

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