Video: Phil Martelli, Dug McDaniel preview season opener


Quick injury notes:

  • Yo Yo DTD … depends on practice
  • Jaelin Llewellyn doing more but won’t dress
  • Juwan Howard around more and more but not on bench

Phil just looks like he gives the Michigan IT department HELL.

The IT department is responsible for making Phil look good, and when that doesn’t happen, they should get hell! :wink:

Edit: This comment was brought to you by a technological illiterate who can’t even (and won’t!) do zoom meetings!. In fact, my You Tube video, “Lennox’s Story,” was only made possible by semi-pro videographers and editors who basically just put me in front of a camera and turned me loose…and then did their magic, if having me in the final product can even be called “magic!” :rofl: