Video: Mark Turgeon, Maryland players talk Juwan Howard ejection, loss to Michigan

Ok I like Morsell now. I promise I didn’t say anything bad about you an hour ago


Turgeon seems like the kind of coach you would want to play for. He’s really good and thoughtful in his press briefings. Especially compared to a few other coaches in the league.

Yeah, I found that a little disarming! :slight_smile:

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Really liked what the Maryland players had to say. What I took from from the comments was the coaches had some dumb beef and that emotions can run high in big basketball games.

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Interesting talk from Morsell re: playing against the zone. Playing inside-out is definitely the way to go, but this game was kind of like the game at Maryland in that when we fully committed to zone, they fully committed to shooting 24 footers with little inside-out action. As Dylan said, a lot of those shots were wide open, but still…interesting to compare what Morsell said to their actual approach.

Morsell did get a lot of buckets inside against the zone. Just not enough.

Hmm. Was sure I saw a lot of long 3’s being taken, and Turgeon referred to that as well.

Yep. The good possessions were Morsell cuts. The bad possessions were deep threes.

A bit more patience and I think they could have gotten more of the Morsell actions.

This will always be the first thing I think about with Mark Turgeon. Per ESPN’s draft expert…

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Oh man. I’ve defended Turg some but that is a good point. If Huerter played for John Beilein he would have been every bit as good as Stauskas and been drafted that high as well