Video: Juwan Howard talks Wisconsin, roster continuity

Bush league response to a good question from the Daily student journalist


Care to summarize here? Can’t watch the video at work…

Juwan Howard press conferences about roster continuity feel like a Ted Bundy TedTalk about respecting women


“You mentioned that your system works In the press conference following the Rutgers. Can you expand on what your system is”

“That was the Rutgers game and we are on to Wisconsin, so if you have any questions about Wisconsin I’ll answer it”

Pulling Bill Belichick lines during media availability isn’t going to make you a better coach.

there is just no way this guy is the coach next year

I mean if you’re expecting him to give detailed answers on zoom press conferences by now then idk what to say. it’s nothing different then it’s always been. it’s like the classic curmudgeonly no comment answer that people only really care about if your team is bad


It’s definitely nothing new, but again, the whole thing was, “You can act like that in pressers when you are winning, but you aren’t going to make any friends that way for when you start losing.”


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Do a lot of coaches now do their media stuff via zoom? I usually don’t find a lot of that stuff insightful and certainly not interested in what Juwan has to say at this current time.

Pre-game stuff really varies by the program at this point. A lot of schools use Zoom, a lot don’t.

Boilerplate no comment ≠ rude

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I do not cosign the argument that “these guys don’t owe us anything.”

on the contrary, I hate it and it does coaches no favors to behave this way.

I’m not full-throated in the opposite direction, ie “we pay your salary so we can boo your kids” but Juwan Howard was the first player in NBA history to sign a $100 million contract. that doesn’t exist without TV, advertising, merchandise, etc.


do you think Juwan’s answer was rude or boilerplate? Watching the video it didn’t come across as rude to me, was very boillerplate IMO and it started with “I’m sorry Reporter’s Name”

All I’m saying is this is how he’s always been in press conferences, so hand wringing over it now I don’t get. It’s always been not good and I’ve never been a fan of it. I’ve lamented the closed door nature of the program quite a bit, with this being part of that


a little basketball/pro hockey synergy on the TL today:

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I mean, this definitely doesn’t apply to the Howard thing today. He could have said what he likes about his system and how he defines it. :man_shrugging:

No one would have said he was delusional if he explained something he priorities.

The fact that he has basically never said anything ever about his basketball philosophy is the weird part. Not the current situation.

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just piggybacking

yea agree

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That’s a man searching. Tough year. Could have taken the opportunity to control the narrative but I think he’s just burnt out and doesn’t have the energy.