Video: Juwan Howard recaps loss to Oregon

Is there a freaking snap filter on Juwan’s head in the capture before the video plays or am I crazy?

Something is messed up with the video. Not sure what Max did.

I should have screenshotted that. He had the flower thing around his head sitting at the table on the first video. Only thing to make me laugh in the past hour.

Very tough loss today but all of the trashing of M players on the open thread by a few individuals was deplorable at best and strictly uncalled for. I feel sorry for those individuals. A one point loss in ot to the #10 team and the M players fought back hard to erase that 16 pt hole they were in.


One of those guys was a clear troll. I hope he’s been removed.

Here’s the thing, there is not one fan on a message board who cares more or is hurting more as a result of that loss than are our players and our coaching staff. Not one. I would also guess that not one of those fans you reference has ever played basketball at the extremely high DI level that our players are playing at. I can also pretty much guarantee you that if they had played or coached at this level they wouldn’t post such critical comments.

But fans will be fans. They will say what they say. I personally have tried to fight that battle before, bobohle, and guys are gonna do and say what they do and say. Like you, I don’t have to like it, but I’m just tired of fighting the battle so I don’t read or post on public forums during games, and usually I don’t even read the open game time thread but rather read the comments that come in after the game when, often, saner heads prevail. Sometimes I agree with the takes I read then and sometimes I don’t. I absolutely agree with what you’re saying here!

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Please flag things that you guys see that an inappropriate. That is very helpful because in a busy game like this I can not read every comment.

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Throw in being students and taking finals this week and you just never know what’s on their minds. Tough one to lose but you learn from it and move on.

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Another presser from a guy who has lost A LOT of games as a player and coach. Great perspective. Gotta love Juwan.

How many coaches would be muttering answers and be totally grumpy after a loss like that? A ton of them would.


I think we played well enough to win this one. In football terms it feels sort of like the PSU game this year. We likely outplayed the opponent but quite a few tough bounces didn’t go our way.

Totally unlike the Illinois/Louisville games where we deserved to lose. Hopefully things even out and we get one of these games in our favor in the coming months.