Video: Juwan Howard previews Virginia


On Jett’s phone?

I can’t tell if that “for competitors only” - in reference to getting the Kentucky home-and-home back on the schedule - was a jab at them? It was either a blatantly obvious knock on them, or Juwan just answering a question in his coach-speak.

I took it to mean that the games are probably not happening, but who knows.

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I think his phone or iPad that he sometimes does Zooms on is logged into Jett’s account or something like that. It has happened for a while.

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I definitely took it as they’re not happening. I just thought it was a weird time to answer using the team slogan lol :man_shrugging:

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This made me laugh


I’ve got no counter point there, haha.

Spread is UVA -4 for this game which I will be smashing


If all these games went according to stats and analytics we would say why play the games.
The winning of games comes from playing the games. M on paper you would think they would not win many top 100 games After all this team is 5 wins and 1 loss. A big win tomorrow will change alot in the eye test view. I for one think .this team will flip on the switch yet this season. After all M could be in the shoes of FSU,Oregon, Nova etc.:thinking::wink::slightly_smiling_face:


UVA gave us Olu Oluwatimi. I suppose we can return the favor and let them get this win :rofl: :rofl: