Video: Juwan Howard, Michigan players talk win over Tennessee


LOL there’s nothing humble about Hunter :joy::joy:


I always crack up whenever I see Terrance Williams do a presser. His answers are always about 20% faster and 20% louder than everyone else’s lol.


I loved this press conference, and for anyone who likes to point fingers at Juwan and say he’s sometimes rude or not as polished as they think he should be in the pressers, I hope you listened. He was outstanding in this one. Maybe it’s easier when you’ve had a great win than it is when you’ve suffered a devastating loss. I think that’s understandable, and I’ve never had to face having to do that myself, the good or the bad, certainly not publicly, in front of the cameras. Maybe we really ought to walk a mile as they say, especially when we, for whatever reason, want to be critical. I thought the young men from both teams and both coaches did a terrific job in their respective pressers. Both fan bases should be proud of their kids and their coaches.