Video: Juwan Howard, Michigan players recap win over UNLV

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Enjoyed Diabate correcting Eli, great guy not good guy.

Well, I enjoyed all of these interviews, but I particularly enjoyed Juwan just being so relaxed and calm. He was pretty open and forthcoming despite the criticism he’s received lately about not giving enough information or being a bit surly. Maybe it helps when guys don’t continually ask questions he’s just not going to, or perhaps cannot, answer, like “what’s going on with Zeb Jackson.” :wink:

Loved the smile on Eli’s face and the…just the innocence of Moussa Diabate. I wonder if Moussa even knows just how good he is. Obviously, he is so talented and he will only get better. From all accounts he really IS a great guy and his teammates love him!


Moussa’s personality kind of reminds me of Charles Matthews.

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