Video: Juwan Howard, Michigan players recap win over Toledo


One thing I enjoy about guys staying through their senior year is how thoughtful they are in interviews. Isaiah is a great interview. I remember the same thing with X last year. Love it.

Zavier did interviews last year? I don’t remember that. :wink:

He didn’t? I was sure I saw some. Maybe it was his junior year?

Not very often. Maybe once or twice. It was a bit of a running thing. Started at the end of his junior year where he just stopped ever talking to the media after losses.

And don’t even get me started on Jeff Jackson Simpson. That guy never talked to the media

Yeah I specifically remember BQ complaining about it and saying it was a flaw with team leadership. :rofl:

I must be thinking of a different player.

Regardless, I appreciate your kind comments about Isaiah. He is a bright young man with personality plus, a great smile, very thoughtful, and now, it seems, courage in taking the stands he is taking on some important issues. I believe he has quite a future ahead of him after his playing career is over. I’ve said this for a while. I always meant that he had a big future in broadcasting, but now I think he may go way beyond just broadcasting.

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