Video: Juwan Howard, Michigan players recap win over Penn State


I love these segments. I’m particularly impressed with all three kids. All of them are well spoken. They all give credit to their teammates and to the coaching staff. These young men are MICHIGAN scholar athletes, smart, articulate, outwardly humble, talented in many ways, just great young men. I would hope everyone would watch these three clips, trying to get to know the guys a little better, learning who they are as people and what makes them tick, especially for the guys who have a penchant for pointing out weaknesses or shortcomings of our guys. Hunter hasn’t experienced that criticism yet, but he probably will at one time or another, but Eli and Austin most certainly have during their careers here. My comment seems to be the only one here since the time this was posted 23+ hours ago. I hope the guys on the forum watch these clips. :wink:

EDIT: I see there have been 119 views. That’s good.


@silverblue I think we have consistently been puzzled by the board’s lack of reaction to these videos (maybe its because the majority of quotes get baked into the articles?)…I will say, Juwan has grown more comfortable answering questions via Zoom than in the “press room”. Even through coach-speak, I do feel like there are things to gain from watching press conferences. And the players have been trained to answer questions very very well while allowing their personalities to shine!

I was such a huge fan of every single press conference from Beilein, my girlfriend used to call it my “Beilein B*ner” time. She’s tried to adjust to “Howard Hard-on”, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it just yet.


Love it, Chip!!!

I’ve been complaining for years that no one watched these post-game interviews, but it’s their loss. There’s nowhere that I learn more about the game than in listening to the post-game analysis. Beilein was a master at breaking down what had taken place, and Juwan is damned good, too. I would just, sometimes, like to see more insightful questions put to them. Tonight I would have asked whether he thinks Michigan’s offense is still evolving, and what he envisions it might look like when–and if–everyone is hitting on all cylinders. That’s not happening yet.

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Has Juwan gotten better at it? I felt last year Juwan was pretty generic (after Beilein who as pretty colorful in post-game), so I stopped watching.

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I agree that Beilein’s pressers were must-see, and I always learned from them. Some of the other B1G coaches are really good. I think Painter is the best I’ve heard. I get the impression Juwan isn’t as willing as some other coaches to let us in on details.

Dylan and Co. can speak to this, but it seems like there is a skill to asking questions if you want to get concrete info from coaches. If you can ask a very specific question, you’ll get a specific answer. If you keep it general, then coach-speak can take over and you’ll get next to nothing.


I agree with your perspective on last year’s press conferences. I thought a lot of Juwan’s answers were generic coach speak and not particularly interesting. I think Juwan has improved a lot in his responses. Don’t know whether it is the new format or just Juwan having more experience in front of the press, but I find his post game interviews this year to be more insightful and worth listening to.


I would say Juwan is still very cagey when discussing anything that’s legitimately basketball focused.


Totally agree there - he focuses more on intangibles (i.e. competitiveness, experienced, hungry, next man up, yada yada). He’s certainly not going to break down basketball fundamentals or gameplans in these. Honestly no coach should in a preview of upcoming games. The thing JB was so good at was breaking down what we just saw after the game in a pretty detailed fashion.

As for the comment above from @Mattski - I do wish some of the questions were more insightful, but most of these are limited in time and you need to get quotes to fit the article already drafted/outlined.

I think Juwan will get better at complimenting the other teams, once he actually learns who the players are lol


Yep, he generally gets a bit defensive when asked about basketball specifics. Doesn’t want to “share” his secrets so to speak.

It’s funny because I’d say Beilein was particularly paranoid as far as his secrets to the game, but he just had so much more experience talking about games from a coach’s POV.

I think that is the big difference is that Howard has a certain view of the media from his time as an NBA player, something that’s different from a career college coach who has a different relationship with the media due to things like program building etc.


Yeah I don’t find these that informative (not the sites fault!) - Coach and players are well coached in pablum.

I do think the questions are pretty key, and most aren’t that great - I did pick up BQ asking some pretty concrete questions though.

Cough, Kyrie “Pawns” Comment, Cough

I wouldn’t lump anyone in with Kyrie, lol. I just mean that career college coaches have basically been selling their programs through the media their whole careers. NBA players don’t really have to sell themselves or go above and beyond with the media (not nearly as much to gain).

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