Video: Juwan Howard, Michigan players recap win at Ohio State

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Is it just me or is Juwan starting to open up a little more in these? Maybe it’s just the nature of a win like this, but it seems like he was pretty comfortable. I feel like Beilein was pretty under appreciated in post game pressers, but I think it took him some time too.

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Classic Juwan… Its the Big Ten!! This team is probably more prepared than any other in the last decade to handle the physical play when it comes their way. Brown is a huger part of that, he seems to welcome the physical play and others feed off of that energy.

“You saw it, you write the narrative!” LMAO. As this guy becomes comfortable. . .


Juwan’s demeanor in press conferences has definitely shifted a bit, not sure how much of it is because they are on Zoom or just experience on the job.

I wouldn’t say he really shares more but he answers questions differently. He’s way more comfortably saying nothing that sounds like something whereas before he tried to get away from having to say something and just said nothing that sounded like nothing.

If that makes sense :rofl:

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I think I follow. He’s still using platitudes, he’s just being less bland about it. Makes sense, maybe someday he’ll be more open with the press, but I think that might just be me hoping. The guy hasn’t always been the most comfortable with reporters, and openness isn’t really a common trait in college coaches either.

Yep – if I were advising a college head coach, I wouldn’t tell them to be more open with the press… I’d tell them to do more marketing. Juwan is doing a much better job presenting himself and his image in his interactions with the media.

From a basketball POV, which is what I really like to hear, I feel like he avoids sharing any actual knowledge and probably shares about 1/12th of what he could say on any basketball-related question.


1/12 seems generous lol. I guess I would say most coaches are worried about sharing information that’s clear to anyone watching, which is frustrating. But most people don’t actually watch these pressers, you just hear the things coaches say when they slip up or lose their composure. From a coach perspective it makes sense to just keep your head down and not make waves. Just less fun for me :man_shrugging:

Yep – I am a sucker for coaches who are overly honest in their pressers and actually explain a lot of the game (Matt Painter is a great example) but that is far from common.


Yeah, I think BQ (and probably others) mentioned in a recent article that Juwan can talk in platitudes and cliches, and it sounds corny, but it’s really pretty close to how he carries himself and–in turn–the team/players carry themselves. Cliches sound corny because most of the time theyre too good to be true, but Juwan really does come off as a genuinely good guy (maybe that’s just impeccable marketing). His speeches definitely blur the lines between eyerolls and goosebumps


Also cant help but to notice that whenever a player is asked about something to affect of “why is this team so good/poised/professional/prepared” the first part of the answer is always “Coach Howard.” To say ‘who wouldnt want to play for this guy’ is barely an over-generalization


I think that John was and remains very awkward in his delivery. Juwan, in relative terms, has come along fast. In the last three, four years John was also incredibly helpful in breaking down games, tendencies, offering insight about what had taken place; his post-game pressers were gold. We’re only in year two with Juwan, and he’s already asserting himself pretty openly, it seems to me, re: the Covid crisis, protecting his players. I think that under these same conditions we would have had a far more circumspect John, especially regarding u policy. I think that as we learn to read between the lines with Juwan we’re not going to lack for insight, character, or juice. But maybe I just feel more warmly toward him than others do. I’ve been following and admiring him for a long time.

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“I was pretty happy,” Dickinson said of Ohio State’s defensive gameplan. “I don’t get those opportunities much. It was kind of fun for me to go one-on-one with my opponent.”

Dickinson is one of the most quotable players I can remember.


I’m not sure the problem with platitudes isn’t necessarily that people don’t live up to them, it’s just they’re so general they don’t really say much of anything. I don’t doubt Juwan is a good guy, it seems like everyone who has met him goes out of their way to say he is. I’m just sure he has more to say about certain subjects than, “one game at a time,” for example.

And yeah, Dickinson is a great interview

Look at his quotes in Dylan’s current five takeaways. Don’t seem platitudinous to me. Nor did his postgame presser. The notion that he’s milquetoasty doesn’t square with what we’re seeing, in my view. Guarded, yes.

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Did @AndrewKahn kick Juwan’s dog in the past week or so? I know its not true contention, but Juwan gets a little more testy than with anyone else lol. First with the question about doubters (“Cute, Andrew”), and then with the Chaundee/OSU bench situation “…write the narrative” response.


I thought that Kahn got some pushback in a presser earlier this year, too, but I may be misremembering that.

This. Everyone’s acting as though we expected this of Michigan. Yesterday Raftery went out of his way to applaud OSU’s ‘unheralded’ rise to the top five. I know it’s been obvious for weeks now that we’re good, and it’s pretty obvious now what a great assemblage of talent Michigan has, but. . . how quickly they forget. In the preseason CBS sports had us ninth! Big Ten sportswriters had us fifth! Juwan should win COY hands down.