Video: Juwan Howard, Michigan players recap exhibition opener


Juwan’s reaction/answer to the turnover question is great. Expected at least 20

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I was thinking about how relaxed Juwan seemed, how smooth he was, how funny, how confident. He was great. And then I thought, you know, he was thrust into a circumstance in his very first head coaching job as a high DI coach at a school like Michigan. It’s his dream job, I know, but most coaches, JB for instance, have the opportunity to work into this kind of situation at a much smaller school on a much smaller stage. They get to practice those interview skills and so much of what goes into coaching at a place where no one really cares or pays as much attention as folks do, fans, the media, at a school like Michigan.

You know, coaches starting out at smaller schools, like most of them do, are in a fishbowl, too, but it’s a small one in someone’s bedroom somewhere and maybe just family members and some friends check it out. Juwan started in not just a small little obscure fishbowl but a huge aquarium, a National Aquarium, and EVERYONE is interested and wants to visit. THAT is a daunting task, and he’s handled it so well! Smooth, confident, funny, great answers, he’s really gotten good at that in such a short time! :blue_heart: