Video: Juwan Howard, Isaiah Livers and Eli Brooks talk win at Purdue


At the conclusion of the game last night I thought, “Wow, this is a game after which our players will really need to get in that cold tub!” Sounds like Juwan had that thought, as well! It was tough and it was physical.

This is not a criticism, at all, Hunter will take away a lot from this game, and it will help him to just keep getting better. Welcome to the B1G, son! In Trevion Williams there was size in the form of girth and strength and a load to defend. In Zach Edey, a giant with some skills who is three or four inches taller even than Hunter is! I DO agree that he held his own last night and what he will learn from this game will only make him even better going forward!

EDIT: Oh, one more comment. This was a game like when you’ve been in a fight and someone says, “Wow, what happened to you?!?” and you’re able to say, “Yeah, but you should see the other guy!” Our kids were TOUGH!


Yes, Ernie! And by extension, the way the rest of the team–deep into the bench–showed what a tough squad Michigan is becoming to beat. Bit of a Swiss army knife–Coach Howard has options at every position, and as Dylan pointed out, seems to be refining the rotations. I was keen to see how much resolve they were going to play with after a first road loss. After last night I think you really can feel hopeful about Michigan heading into almost any B1G venue. And there is less of that kind of travel pressure in the NCAA tourney.