Video: Juwan Howard, Isaiah Livers and Austin Davis talk loss to Illinois

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Interesting that someone tried to bait each of the 3 guys into complaining about the foul calls against Hunter (laughed at the use of “ticky tack”). I wasn’t able to watch the game live (recorded, and no chance I’ll watch it). Were all 3 fouls questionable or something? It seems like a weird thing to focus on.

I didn’t think they were particularly questionable.

I think it was the 3rd foul on HD that I thought was ticky tacky, other than that one they were called as they should be. Yeah, there is no good purpose to watching this game on your DVR.

3rd foul was one of those classic rebounding fouls that seems to be a 50/50 call when players are tied up but he basically ended up shoving Giorgi OOB.

That one felt like a make up ticky tack foul. Kofi’s foul right before that wasn’t very much contact.

I thought Hunters second foul could have been given to Eli, since he came in to hack Kofi on help from up top. And the 3rd foul was just Giorgi flopping out of bounds when Hunter had him pushed under the basket. But admit that I’m only biased when watching Michigan play…

Kofi is very slow to move on drives, and he bumps alot, sticks his leg out instead of moving. Also follows thru the back on rebounds. Really puts pressure on refs to call fouls on him. They probably called every third foul that Kofi committed. Like I wrote earlier, hes got to be the toughest player to officiate in the NCAA.

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Was there a guy there, at the presser, named Quinton or Clayton Sayfee of something like that. He said to Austin, “Isaiah mentioned that some guys may have been looking ahead to Michigan State or the B1G Tournament…” Why did he say that? Because that isn’t what happened. Isaiah was reacting to a specific question as to whether they might have have been looking forward to a B1G title, I guess, perhaps, maybe that players were looking ahead. The reporter ASKED the question. Isaiah reacted to that question. It wasn’t that he “mentioned” it. He did say we can’t look ahead to Michigan State, B1G Tournament, the bubble, NCAA," earlier in the presser. He did say, in answer to Andrew’s question, “I didn’t hear any chatter like that. I thought we were focused.” He did have a very noncommittal answer at one point in answer to a question, that that “may have happened,” but then, as I said, he downplayed it. Again he ALSO said he didn’t hear chatter to the effect of looking ahead and he thought everyone was focused. So, again, why is it that sports writers think they have to do that? Why would they tell a player something that didn’t happen, to misinterpret what DID happen in order to elicit an answer?

I’m serious. This is part of my problem with sports writers. Some of them, anyway. I find it unprofessional and unnecessary when asking questions, which IS their job and they are there to do that, that they tell a player or a coach a falsehood or misinterpretation what another player or coach said. I don’t think in that case they are not being honest as journalists.

Any sports writers out there may not agree with me, but, if you’re a good one, I think you should. I just don’t think that’s a proper way to question a college player, or perhaps even a coach, for that matter. I don’t think the notion of putting words in someone’s mouth is fair. Good journalism requires better than that. Just my two cents, and I realize it’s not worth more than just two cents.