Video: Juwan Howard, DeVante' Jones and Hunter Dickinson react to NCAA Tournament draw


Interesting that Devante relished a return to Indianapolis whereas Hunter groaned upon hearing the destination. That’s not intended to be an indictment or praise to either, but I get a kick out of the often vast differences in perspectives; shows they aren’t script readers.

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I think that’s because of how long Hunter was in the bubble down there last year.

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Good point; that bubble last year had to have been maddening.

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Well, we’ll be playing CSU, not hometown IU with fanatic Hoosier fans there in droves.

Are they playing in the Pacers arena?

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Yes they are

I was at the ill-fated game on Thursday; it was simply deafening when the Hoosiers came back. 95% crimson, which was slightly disappointing but expected when the Hoosiers play in Indy. Nonetheless, much less maize and blue than at past tournaments we’ve been to. Alas, hopefully Wolverine fans will come out in droves this Thursday.

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Happy and confident Juwan is going to know a lot more about CSU this time tomorrow.

Yeah, I was pretty disappointed with our “crowd.” Obviously a game we should have won, but we made some mistakes, missed some shots we had made earlier in the game, some VERY uncharacteristic turnovers, and the Indiana faithful WENT CRAZY. Suddenly, IU had amazing energy and emotion and we collapsed, and we had no crowd to help will us off the matt when things went bad and help us regain our composure.

I wasn’t there so I have no right to be critical, but our guys didn’t seem to have a lot of support. Thank you for being there, and thanks to other Michigan fans, too but you were definitely outnumbered. I am sure you and others did your part to help our guys, but the sound coming from that arena for IU was deafening!

That was, perhaps, the most collosal collapse I’ve ever seen. I feel so bad for the kids and the coaches! Hopefully this week’s experience in Indy will be 100% better, and rather than playing 2/3 of a great game we’ll play our hearts out for two full days and prove that we really DO belong!

The past is behind us and it’s a new season! March Madness, LET’S GO!!!


What are the odds SDSU coach Jeff Dutcher gets a scouting call from Juwan tonight?


It’s really strange to me that the two Indiana schools have won only one BTT between them, when they get a homecourt advantage most years.


Regardless of how you feel about DeVante Jones’ season from a performance standpoint, you cannot deny that he is a wholesome dude with a great head on his shoulders.


I’ll be coming from Florida!


DJs got a little of the Tim Meadows “Ladies’ Man”” vibe to him. I was big on Pickett when the transfer market first opened, but I am thrilled with what DJ provided and will consider him a Michigan man forever.