Video: Juwan Howard at Michigan Media Day 2022


Lol Oregon isn’t getting that return trip


Yeah, he looked like he had no intention of playing that game :rofl:. Said it was hard to fit this year … and next year.


Do you read the implication of the Kobe “timetable” thing that he needed to accept he wasn’t a OAD like Caleb and Moussa?

Thought that was an interesting quote, and yeah I think that’s part of it. And beyond just being one and done, I think you can just look at not playing a lot as a true freshman despite being a McD AA.

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Not necessarily talking Oregon, but I wish coaches weren’t so against home and home in both basketball or football. What makes college different than pro is the home field/court atmosphere. Having home games is great and should be something you try to do…not avoid. I get the logistics, finances, etc. But I still don’t like it.

The end game looks like the football schedule this year. A bunch of crappy teams so we could get auto-win home games and not go on the road.

The end game doesn’t look like football as much as it looks like a lot of high-profile neutral court games.

Bad news for season ticket holders and CBB purists, but a reality of the sport. I don’t think Michigan is going to not schedule high profile games in the non-con, they are just going to usually be in the NBA arenas.

The 3-year Jordan thing in Charlotte is basically replacing a home-and-home from the schedule.

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As someone who has been to those and seen the football team play in Jerryworld…the neutral court stuff isn’t great either. Again, I get it…I just don’t like it. Sometimes I wonder if there should be some scheduling “rules” to preserve balance and the value of those parts of the sport.

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force majeure Situation

IMO, this is garbage. Crappy behavior on our end, makes us look awful and going to make it harder to schedule good home and homes in the future. But I guess we don’t care about that and are never going to have a good home schedule again.

Rabble rabble.


Honestly, I don’t get it. Do neutral sites have higher payouts somehow? How? Don’t the organizers/arenas take a sizeable cut? How much more could that money be in order to be worth screwing over your season ticket holders?

I think it has been a pretty common thing for games canceled during the COVID year.

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I think the issue also is a home/home doesn’t get you prep for an ncaa tournament type setting. Playing in pro arenas, larger dome stadiums learning how to shoot in those settings and acclimating yourself to it. That does more for your team imo instead of playing on the road in front of 10,000 fans. That’s not what the NCAA tournament will be like it should be closer to a neutral setting. Michigan still sells basketball games out against tomato cans so what is the upside of playing good teams if the bottom line is $$ and profits?

Every once in a while, UM could try playing a Home game against a Kentucky or an Oregon just as a payback for season ticket holders and students. If the cost of that is a Home-n-Home, I’m up for a trip to Lexington, too. Pretty tough to get jacked for Jackson State @ 8:30 on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or even Ohio at 7:30 on a Sunday night 3 days earlier.

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How sure are you on that? Arizona, Illinois delay return game of home-and-home series until 2021-22 - Arizona Desert Swarm

This game got played last year

Maybe I’m wrong on this but I’m pretty sure most of the tin can games don’t sell out. And they charge more for real games. I’m not saying to do away with all tin cans, but I would hope for 1.5 real home games on average in the non-con at least. Pretending that we’re getting anything particularly special competitive wise from playing in a big empty gym feels disingenuous

Mutually agreeing to play it probably means they had the option to walk, no?

They did play a home game against Oregon :joy: Oregon is mad that we aren’t going to Eugene.

They also did schedule a home and home with Kentucky. The London thing was part of a 3 game series, but it’s looking like the Lexington and Ann Arbor legs of that series probably won’t happen now.

Yep, great game. Payton Pritchard did his thing at the end, but those are the kind of games fans want to see in person. Try to schedule the away end of a Home-n-Home when you have a home game with your ACC or Big East team, assuming those events still exist in some form moving forward.

I think there are a few factors…

  • Home games pay more, but two neutral sites probably pay more than one home (plus the away).
  • There may be more TV/sponsor money for some of the neutral site games than a random home game…maybe.
  • Away games are more likely to be a loss, which coaches hate.
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