Video: John Beilein, Zavier Simpson talk win over Ohio State

Love that X. My main man.

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Hey @umhoops how about a couple court level mics! I’d pay :moneybag: to know what X said to earn that tech. Man, whatever it was set off Wesson instantly :joy:

I really wanted to hear X’s answer to the question, “Your coach has challenged you to become one of the winningest players in Michigan history…” then the tape ended. Then, too, I could listen to X all night!

His answer to, " Are you guys back on track" was outstanding, and his explanation about WHY they were never “off track” was just so mature and well stated. “We’re just kids and we’re learning every single day. Nobody’s ever going to have a perfect season, we know that. That would be ridiculous.” “We’re learning every single day, and we’re just trying to get better.” Pretty impressive for someone who is “just a kid!”