Video: John Beilein previews trip to Penn State

Craig Ross had a fun question where Beilein gets in the weeds about how to coach handchecking that refs won’t call.

What’s a Monday presser w/o a Terry Wymer question? :man_shrugging:

Dylan, can random people just show up to these media pressers and ask questions or does Craig get a special pass as a long time season ticket holder or something?

They are for the media, not the general public. I assume Craig must be covering the team for someone? Not really sure, I don’t know him I just heard the question. Wasn’t actually sure who asked it until you mentioned him.

Craig in on the MGOBLOG roundtable, Thursdays on WTKA so technically, that makes him a member of the media. He is also, probably the only guy there older than Coach Beilein. I really like Craig. Last week on WTKA Craig talked about how Coach Beilein trolled him at a recent press conference, but it was so subtle that Craig didn’t figure it out until that next day.

Not sure where to post this question, so I apologize if I’m a tad off topic.
I’ve been using my parents in law directv login to access BTN2GO for a few years, and suddenly it tells me “no access”. ESPN, FOX, etc still work fine. Nothing changed on their side, so I googled it, and seems like it happened to other people, but never got resolved (even after hours on the phone with customer support). Happened to anyone before?
Tomorrow being a very enjoyable night on BTN, I need to find a way. If I get a BTN+ subscription, would I be able to watch live BTN? Do you guys know any other way of streaming it (legally) even if I had to pay something?
Thanks for your help!

Not sure what is going on with your BTN steaming, but BTN-Plus doesn’t include actual BTN.

Did you try using their login info on Fox Sports Go app? BTN games are also on there.

Fox sports go works just fine. I had no idea they had BTN live games on that too. I guess this would work.
Thanks for the info!!

It may depend on your account (i.e. if you get FS2 it shows up in Fox Sports Go, but if not it doesn’t) and whether you are activated for BTN though.

Dylan has it right. If BTN is a part of your in-laws’ cable package then it will show up in the Fox Sports Go app. That is what I’ve been using for the past year and a half to stream BTN games since the BTN2Go app is very subpar.

If you’re on a computer you can also browse over to and log in there.

Yeah I use the Amazon Fire Stick to get the free Fox Sports app. Works quite nicely for television viewing.

Only thing I get annoyed with is that it won’t let you forward more than 10 seconds at a time. I missed the game Saturday because of practice with my elementary kids and watched the first half before meeting some friends for dinner. Came home and wanted to finish it and it took me forever to get to where I left off.

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Yes, there is that. It’s clearly not designed for those who want to jump far ahead to a place where they want to get to. It encourages commercial viewing I suppose. But having missed the entire Rutgers game while traveling, it was nice to be able to use that stick & app to watch it on a television.

Yeah I see it appear on the fox sports go app now. Never noticed it before, and will use that from now on, because I agree, BTN2Go leaves a lot to be desired.
Thank you all for your help. Excited about the 3 games tonight! Will need multiple monitors!

FoxSportsGo has a full replay of every game that is streamed on Fox/BTN, so if I am late to watching a game I can just watch the replay and fast-forward through commercials. I also havent noticed the only 10 second FF thing, though sometimes it stops you from fast forwarding once the commercial started. But if you hit FF just before it cuts to commercial, then you can get through the whole thing (just stop FFing after 3 minutes for media timeouts)

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Might be different for catching up during live events, but for replays after games have been completed, I haven’t been able to forward more than 10 seconds at a time. Don’t know if it’s just a temporary glitch as I only got the fire stick last week.