Video: John Beilein previews trip to Iowa

Fairly worried about this one. When Iowa’s cooking theyre tough. This would be a really nice win imo

Yep, this one is very interesting.

Michigan has been average on offense, but how much does it come alive against Iowa’s pathetic defense? Likewise, how much are we going to see Michigan’s elite defense slow down Iowa’s elite offense?

Truth be told, I’m more curious in the Michigan D vs, Iowa O battle.

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In 3 games against UM last year, Iowa scored 68 in 66 possessions, 59 in 67 possessions, and 71 in 75 possessions – totals of 198 pts in 208 possessions (.95 pts/possession). In those games they shot 15 3s (40%), 10 3s (20%), and 23 3s (30%), including OT.

Their offense, which has a lot of the same players, was good last year but is even better this year, turning the ball over less, shooting more 3s, and getting to the foul line more (though less offensive rebounding). Still, I like UM’s chances of slowing Iowa’s offense down.


In reference to the last question about the complaint about the student section during the OSU game. Does any one know what the chant was?

I don’t see winning this one 60-50. Shooters need a hot hand because Iowa will score some points. Poole & Brazdeikis need to hit shots.

Very loud “FUCK OHIO” chants three or four times. Not close to as bad of a chant as you’ll see at some places. Peaked after the techs. Great atmosphere.

Beilein once again talked up Brooks’ defense big time. I’m not seeing what the people who complain about it are seeing.


My worry is that our guys will get sucked into the fast tempo and try to run n gun with Iowa. We need to play our game.

I stress over every game but this team can ball!! I’m not sure if they’ll win because they have a big target every night they play! Teams bring their best because a win over UM is now a resume builder. They can take a punch…if Iowa does not D up our guys will go hard to the rack! GO BLUE!

Defense isn’t exactly sexy, but when Brooks comes in with X, there’s no drop in D and a marginal drop in offense. For Poole, we lose offense significantly, but gain D significantly. He’s a good bench player for this team this year. It may change in the future, but the role works.


Me either just a little careless. He’s actually came up with some buckets this year when mometum was shifting. I like his offense actually. I wish guys ran with him or looked to cut off him It when he’s pushing it or getting in the lane. Livers and him should be a nice change of pace/ style change, a nice offensive shot in the arm off the bench . Livers has been but Eli hasn’t brought what I think he can yet. If he gets there this year and can do it consistently then this team will be that much more dynamic.

Focusing on ball handling this summer should be priority number 1.

IMO making open shots consistently is the one biggest thing Eli can do to earn a more steady rotation spot both in the short and long term. I don’t worry about him losing the ball, he plays within the offense just fine for a backup guard. He is very solid defensively.

He was billed as a potential shooter coming out of high school, he attempts 4 and a half threes per 40 minutes and has only made 26% of them for his career. He’s at 22% from three in conference play this year. And he doesn’t take tough, contested looks, which is probably a good thing at this point, but still alarming that his percentage is so low. I’ve found myself frustrated that he hasn’t shot some open, good looks from three in conference play. I believe in his ability to shoot and this team desperately needs an added punch from outside.