Video: John Beilein previews South Carolina


Fascinating recruiting philosophy stuff from Coach Beilein at the end of interview. Knowledge out there among recruits if you want to go to Michigan you have to make up your mind or Beilein is moving on. It’s an honor to play for a coach like Beilein and a school like Michigan. You better get on board or you may miss out. I like it.


Exactly how JB should do it. It is like the first rule of Don Juan (which I confess to researching during my single days :)). Never lower your status by revealing yourself to be too eager. JB does not need you. You need JB. If you don’t have the sense to realize JB’s value then you might not be too bright. Next!


Yep, basically threw cold water on the idea that he’d wait till Spring for somebody and find a way to make it work. Glad he has principles and walks the talk.

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