Video: John Beilein previews Illinois




I’ve been missing these


Glad to hear that there is a possibility Livers can play this week. These back injuries can really linger.


Almost rather let Livers rest up this one again if we don’t need him and get Johns Jr more run. Save that back big fella!


I hear what you’re saying, but I’d really like to see Isaiah get 8-10-12 minutes, if he’s able to go with no residual effects, just to maintain his conditioning, or at least so that his conditioning wouldn’t slip too much. Brandon, if he continues to play well, could still get 8-10 minutes as the backup or “small ball” five behind JT.


Is Michigan really good or deep enough to just be casually resting guys? I know Brandon Johns played well vs. Indiana but seems like a stretch to think he’s ready to rock and roll against Illinois’ pressure defense on the road.

Big difference between a game at Illinois and, say, a home game against Binghamton.


If Illinois presses it may be imperative Z is out there. Hopefully JP and Eli have been working hard on their handles during pressure situations to be ready.


I’m hoping we are. I’m hoping the need is there to not play him big minutes and instead see how Johns progresses if possible.