Video: John Beilein, Michigan players recap win at Northwestern

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So the answer to the discussion on the thread was JB wanted Z to shoot.


I haven’t even listened to Coach B’s press conference, but I agree. I am absolutely convinced he has seen Zavier make those threes in practice. If he makes the first or even the second three, NW has to guard him. I think after the third miss the reason Coach B went to Eli is because he had to “force” NW to guard all five of our players. Law was just “hanging out” in the lane, playing centerfield as I think Dylan said. Forcing NW to guard all five players would force NW to guard all five players and open up the lane a bit. Fortunately, Brookes hit the three and Poole did a great job facilitating and then, when the waters parted and the lane opened up, he took it to the hole for that awesome dunk.

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Silverblue, glad to see that someone gets it.

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OK, just watched the video. I’m sure there is no one on here who doesn’t know how much respect I have for Coach B, hell, we ALL do. Here’s what I liked the most. He is so positive about his players, even when he is pointing out “mistakes.” I enjoy hearing him talk about all of the players but when he talks about Iggy…he REALLY likes that kid! And why wouldn’t he, but it’s fun listening to the way he talks about him.

I loved his discussion of the “hook and hold.” It’s EXACTLY what I think. And he’s right, By the letter of the law, there WAS a hook and hold. Frankly, I think someone either needs to change the law or write a new letter. :grinning:

When he was talking about how focused the kids were at the end of the game with all hell breaking loose, NW on a run, and the crowd going wild, and he said, “Of course Zavier wanted to go back in. I thought he was going to check himself back in the game,” I laughed out loud.

Finally, and back to our players, supporting X the way he did was outstanding, and frankly, he did the same with AD. A questioner asked him specifically about getting more out of the backup five (or something along those lines) and Coach B just talked about wanting all seven or eight players in the rotation to play at their highest level, and he didn’t mention a specific backup position or player. He sure is the kind of coach I’d want to play for.


Well said indeed!