Video: John Beilein, Michigan players react to Texas Tech loss


My gut tells me Iggy and Jordan both test the NBA waters; Iggy goes pro and JP returns. Charles is obviously graduating and will turn pro.

Beilein seemed annoyed when he said we will probably have some guys look at the NBA.

After the season Mathews had towards the end of the season, I think there’s a chance he returns.

nope nope nope (the extra nopes were because of the 10 character minimum)


This ain’t happenin’. Charles Matthews is going to play basketball professionally somewhere in 2019.

The deadline is May 30th, correct? We shall see, I think he goes too but you can never tell until his mind is made up.

His mind was made up coming into this season.

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They already gave his spot to an incoming recruit. They’re technically 1 over the limit. There’s nothing to see. He’s gone, he walked senior night.

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We don’t know how many are leaving, I get that you think you know that Matthews is leaving because of scholarships available or he took his walk, I would bet money that he is leaving, probably a safe bet. I also know there could be others leaving opening up scholarships and nothing is written in stone. I understand Matthews is ready to make money playing hoops but circumstances change daily. What I hope is we don’t lose Jordan, Iggy and Livers due to some really stupid people throwing out some really stupid comments and asking some to leave. Jordan’s dad is ready to accept that ridiculas ask by the idiot. I sometimes don’t understand someone that says nothing before Beilein was coaching and not even making the playoffs to criticizing a 30 win season ending at the Sweet Sixteen.

In addition do any of you hear all the nonsense coming from the Duke fans on their much more disappointing season? Duke a team that was able to beat teams in the NBA according to the ESPN cronies. Why do we have fans cutting on our own players and coaches?



Tournament I must apologize.