Video: John Beilein, Michigan players preview first practice

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Expecting big things from Teske this year. He should be able to put up Isaac Haas-like numbers. Haas’ JR. year stats - 19.5 min/game - Averaged 12.6 pts and 5 rebounds per game earned him all B1G Honorable Mention. These numbers should be well within Jon’s reach. Also, Teske should own Haas with respect to other stats - for instance Haas only had 26 blocks, 9 steals and 20 assists his junior year. By way of comparison, Teske playing 180 less minutes last season than Haas played to compile the above numbers, had 26 blocks, 23 steals and 15 assists his sophomore year.

I would be very pleasantly SHOCKED if Teske was Haas except better. 12.6 points in 19 minutes for Teske?

I think Teske has the tools to exceed the contributions of Haas. Maybe he won’t get more points but Teske has a pretty underrated effect on games, imo. There were many times last year where Teske’s subbing in seemed to coincide with a turning point in the game.

Jon Teske and Isaac Haas are significantly different players. Haas is one of the better post-up scorers in college hoops over the last decade and that’s an area where Teske struggles. Haas was massive and moved very poor laterally and that’s an area where Teske is actually very good. Teske can shoot a little bit and Haas couldn’t. I don’t really see any comparison.

Michigan needs 25 solid minutes of good defense, rebounding and finishing from Teske with a hint of floor spacing and they’ll be happy.


There is a big difference between predicting: 1) Teske will be “able to put up Haas-type numbers”; and 2) Teske will play the center position in a way similar to the way Haas did.

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Is there?

Haas used 30.5% of Purdue’s possessions as a junior, that’s how he was able to put up those kind of numbers. The chances of Teske using 30% of Michigan’s possessions is easily less than 1%. I’d be surprised if his usage is over 20%

The only way you can get to those ridiculous numbers as a big man in limited minutes like Haas did is by being a high usage post-up scorer, similar to Nick Ward in a lot of ways.

I read MartinD, who listed minutes per game as the first stat, as saying Teske is capable of staying on the court for longer periods than Haas was. I think MartinD’s minutes per game prediction is likely to happen, if that is what he was suggesting, and I suspect Teske will stay on for more like 25. MartinD did not to seem to be claiming Teske will rival Haas in terms of points per minute…

I do predict Teske will fall short of 12 points per game no matter how many minutes Teske is able to play. The other categories listed by MartinD seem very attainable for Teske this year.

I am assuming Haas was different from Teske, which reflected in less playing time,in that he seemed to get fatigued quicker. (Maybe that is a controversial assumption on my part?) I am not sure.

I don’t think Teske playing 25 instead of 20 minutes per game will change his numbers all that much. And I think Teske can have a very good season, I just don’t think pointing to Haas’ production is a good way to think about the player that Jon is or will be this year.

Teske will never be the first, second or third option. Not seeing him averaging double digits in scoring.

Teske might be one of the last options offensively this year, but it wouldn’t even shock me if you told me he was the 3rd best three point shooter by percentage in the starting five at the end of the season. And if the pick and pop becomes a real thing even once or twice a game (I think it will), that could be a huge boost to this team’s offensive ceiling

I just now read Orion Sang’s article on Teske in the Free Press.

In that article it did not sound like it was an open question whether or not Teske might be able to shoot 3’s; it sounded like an announcement that Teske will definitely be shooting 3’s this year. Teske and Beilein’s high confidence in his ability to shoot 3’s seemed pretty obvious…

So yeah, to your point, if Teske is on the floor with a projected starting lineup of Z, Poole, Matthews, and Livers. Teske might possibly be the 3rd best 3 point shooter on the floor. If Iggy is the 6th man and replaces Poole or Livers, then Teske might be the second best 3 point shooter on the floor.

Can’t wait to see how the puzzle pieces fit together. I have a feeling Teske is going to be involved in the offense via pick and roll/ pop more than many expect.

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The article includes this from JB presser:

“Jon Teske has shot the ball really well," Beilein said. "Having a big man that can shoot, you all see what can happen. It made everyone else better last year. Having Jon be able to do that, and Colin (Castleton) be able to do that, and Austin’s more of a 15-foot guy, those are big to get those big men that can shoot.”

JB likes shooting centers, so I expect to see some decent volume from Teske. I’m a little disappointed that JB only sees Davis as having 15 foot range.

I imagine the relief opposing coaches must have felt knowing their teams would not have to face Wagner again. Then I imagine the uncertain dread those same coaches must feel when they have JB, preseason, talking about how he has 2 centers that can “really shoot” the 3 ball. And how Castleton is a lot like Wagner (from another article).

Haha. I love it.

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None of our “big men” are remotely the threat to take their guy off the dribble like Wagner was.

He was such a uniquely skilled player, that could pressure the opponents D in multifaceted ways.


Yeah it is a very different pick and pop threat than Wagner, even at a best case.

The best chance to recreate that Moe action will probably be Johns at the 5.

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I agree with your statement for sure, Chezaroo. I assume that the truth of your statement is pretty obvious to everyone here…Teske does not dribble for starters…

Although JB said something like “I never thought I would find another guy like Wagner” about Castleton, I do not envision him pulling off a Wagner, top of the key drive, with regularity, this year…

None of these agreed upon facts change the fact, which we probably agree upon, is that having 3 point shooting centers can be used to cause a nightmare scenario for opposing defenses. It is good to hear JB speak so confidently about the shooting ability of 2 of our centers.

Wagner has always been able to handle although he went through growing pain his freshman year. Castleton seems to have the ability to put it on the floor a little. We will see how he progresses his second and third year.

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