Video: John Beilein, Isaiah Livers and Ignas Brazdeikis recap win at Maryland



Ha, watched Livers interview, and sounds like some interesting gamesmanship with a ball switch between shootaround and the game…wonder how common this is?


I think he meant the Under Armour balls that Michigan practiced with this week. Not necessarily from the shootaround.

Michigan generally practices with whatever balls it is going to play with that game.

#4 MD fan reaction to Simpson’s hook shot.


From fruit trees, to Charles ID’ing Maryland’s scheme before anyone else, to the “captain who’s got a hook”. Whether you’re looking for insight or entertainment, a Beilein presser is must-see.


Agree. EVERYTIME I listen to a Beilein presser I realize just how Blessed we are that THIS man is our coach!


By the way, and I’ve said this before, when Isaiah’s basketball playing days are over he’s gonna make a lot of money as a basketball analyst and color man. Impressive young man!


Did anyone else catch him (Coach B) saying something was a “Helluva” and quickly changing it to “Heckuva.” I don’t know about the rest of you but I LOVE it. He’s just so classy.


Yeah I caught that too.


If the NBA thinks X is too small, he would make a great Grad Asst in 2020. Especially if Luke Yak gets a HC gig.


It’s almost silly how fortunate we are, as fans, to have such success, with such good coaches, with such good players, all representing themselves so well. Win or lose on Saturday, what an amazing regular season. Thank you, team.


Beanman, I agree with you about this. I think the game ball was different than the team expected it to be. I’m going to listen to Sam and Ira tomorrow to see if they say anything about it. I don’t get up early enough to call in, but I’ll listen to the podcast.


The absolute most important comment in my opinion that Coach said is "I know it took us almost 30 games but I think we have found our backup 5. This is paramount to the NCAA tourney and just in time. I never want to see anyone get hurt, ever, but Matthews getting hurt I think made a way for Castleton to gain valuable game confidence. I know they don’t play the same spot but Livers the utility man slide over and did a fabulous job for Matthews and then someone had to spell Teske. I don’t think or hope that Mathews suffered a serious injury so it may give him a much needed rest before the tourney and overall help the team. I also have noticed the ball movement being better in the last two games and hope that continues as well.