Video: John Beilein at Michigan Media Day

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This I really want to believe.


I love listening to Coach B! I could listen to him 24 hours a day! So much class, so much knowledge and wisdom.

Three take aways for me:

  1. “If you’re going to play on this basketball team, Charles and Zavier won’t let you not play defense. They won’t LET you not play defense!” I love it! That’s leadership.

  2. I was talking with my wife today about pre season B1G predictions and early national rankings and I said, one of the concerns with Michigan fans and with pundits, too, is that we might nor have enough three point shooting. I said Coach B is one of the best offensive minds in the country and he can adapt. He will figure it out. He talked about “changing and growing” as a coach. “He’ll figure it out,” I told my wife. He also talked about becoming better at shooting by practicing shooting, and you KNOW they do, they DO practice shooting…a lot!

  3. His discussion of fundamentals, especially when talking about Z. As a guy who has coached at every level from middle school to college, I SO appreciate Coach B’s absolute DEDICATION to fundamentals. I think his relationship with Z is becoming VERY close, and I think that’s REALLY important!

I think a fourth take away is just the way he talked about the previous players who are pros, and how they struggled early, too, at times, but they figured it out, and they won a lot of games, and they became pros. The new kids will figure it out, too…and some of THEM will become pros I just love listening to Coach B. Can’t wait to see Coach B and the team next Monday night! Gosh I wish they’d practice LONGER that night!


Totally agree with you, @silverblue, JB press conferences are a treat. (So much more pleasant and informative than with the guy that coaches the football team.)

My takeaways:

  1. Sure sounds like Iggy will start sooner or later (probably sooner). When JB talks about his progress on defense, I think it’s in the bag.

  2. DDJ seems to have separated himself from Castleton and Nunez. DDJ is in line to get PT, but Castlenton/Nunez seem to be lagging.

  3. Interesting to hear JB mentioning Johns as an option for center. It would be great to have 3 solid options at the 5.

  4. Maybe Teske is no Mo, but JB keeps talking about his shooting. I think JB will give him every chance to take outside shots and be “Mo-light”.

That’s it. Just a week to go till the open practice, can’t wait.

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