Video: Jalen Wilson 2018-19 Highlights

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I’ve always kind of pegged Jalen as a shoot first and second player, but thought he made some really nice passes in these clips. Something to keep an eye on.

I thought he passed the ball really well, and willingly, too. He’s got a pretty good handle and just an outstanding shot from just about anywhere including DEEP. I also saw four dunks which might be the first four I’ve seen in any of his highlights! :grinning:

Wow you’re right. I hadn’t seen much passing ability before this video. He made quite a few really nice passes. If he can do that on top of his scoring ability, he will be a really nice piece to have on the team.

Should I say Wilson has the ideal size and skill set to attack a zone.

#23 on Guyer was hitting his shots in this clip. He seemed to be Wilson’s favorite guy to pass to.

Really impressed by his passing out of the high post and his ability to find guys. Kid obviously has RANGE, but can also get to the hoop. Not the greatest athlete out there, but a super versatile piece for Beilein. Is a Livers with a bit more of a handle a good comparison?

I think he’s more advanced offensively than Isaiah Livers was at that age. He’s more comfortable creating his own shot, isolation, etc. More of a “wolf” as Beilein likes to call it than a player he has to try to bring that out of.

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I think once he is on campus and starts working with Sanderson his athleticism will improve. He seems to be a player that only uses minimal athleticism because he doesn’t have to. What I like is that when he does go to the basket he knows how to use his body. The BIG will train you to go strong or go home.

I also think Livers is/was a much better athlete coming into college compared to Wilson. Vertically at least. They have similar builds but Isaiah was much more explosive. Check out Livers’ Mr. basketball highlights on Youtube and he has a ton of monster dunks. Dunks and 3s were the largest compilation of his highlights. Pretty fitting considering those are basically what he does now :slight_smile:

I think Wilson’s skillset is much more advanced at that stage though on ball. Isaiah rarely dribbled outside of trying to score or create immediately like the ball was a hot potato. Wilson you can easily find clips where he ISO’s and dribbles it for a prolonged time. I think teams always need a couple guys like Livers and then a couple like Wilson. Some are more comfortable playing less with the ball, others dominate the ball more.


He might have a surprisingly better vertical in the gym setting than he shows on tape. My guess is that it is both that he does not have to but also he is not as explosive in getting up. I have no doubt that he will improve his athleticism once hits college but it will remain as one of his weakness.

Absolutely. Great hair seems to be a new requirement for all G/Fs these days. Liked the way he operated against the 2-3 and 1-3-1. Appears to have no shortage of swagger and confidence which are highly valued traits imo. Looks like he’s decently far along from a physicality stand point. Can use his body to take/create contact and can attack the rim nicely as well as shoot it.

Like the release; looks quick and repeatable as well. The other trait we don’t talk about as much but we need to more is that defensive mentality. You better bring it if you want to play for Yaklich; same couldn’t be said 5+ years ago before Donlon/Yak came along.

Good looking prospect! I especially love how he’s obviously talented but he’s definitely not that 1 and done guy.

Keep developing at HS and you know Michigan can develop G/Fs for the NBA game if that’s his aspiration. Smart choice being blue kid.

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Hoping he develops into a Grant Hill with a Jumper once Sanderson/Beilein are through with him! :man_shrugging:t4: