Video: Jabri Abdur-Rahim scores over 40 points twice in front of John Beilein

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Refresh my memory. Is he a 2020?

Yep, sorry should I have put that in there.

There is a little resemblance from his dad’s game. He’s not a crazy athlete but does just enough to get things done. Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets more athletic at his career goes. Also helps to make as many 3’s as he did, forces the defense to extend a lot and get by.

The first game was against Cade Cunningham and Greg Brown, both top 10 rated players. It looked like Brown (one high sock) tried to cover him and couldn’t get it done.

The kid is a take that is for sure

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Dylan: Any word how Lester Quinones visit went today yet?

No visit! Last week Beilein cancelled his official visit scheduled for today and tomorrow. We are no longer recruiting him.

Probably my favorite recruit in the 2020 class. Him or Burnett. Is it just me, or is this 2020 class just absolutely stacked?

Thanks. I guess I missed that one. Unless it wasn’t announced.

It wasn’t “officially” announced but it was mentioned several times here (and on the pay sites), though admittedly it can be hard to follow some of the discussion threads that kind of meander on and off topic.

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“Michigan has been recruiting me the hardest. I have a good relationship with Coach B and the staff, glad they got to see me over the weekend.”

“Coach Beilein is coming to watch me workout on Thursday (5/2) and I’m going to take an official visit to Michigan in the next couple months.”


Kind of a stunning lack of creation inside the arc for 80+ points.

That will happen when you hit 10 threes in a game :rofl: