Video: Inside Michigan's first practice of 2018-19

I cannot get enough of videos like this. Thanks, Dylan. The team is so well drilled and you can tell every minute of practice is planned, as to ensure optimal skill development. All of those shots, floaters, passes are planned as players may attempt them during a game.
Of note: I thought Iggy shot a lot better than I anticipated, although he tends to hang in the air for an unnecessary length, at times. He usually missed in those cases. Was really good in the catch-and-shoot portion, though. Small sample, obviously, but Johns was quite poor from 3. Maybe he isn’t quite ready for the stretch 5 role. I thought X’s form looked improved, with so-so results. His form appeared the same as that in Spain, but if I recall he only attempted a couple shots from distance when the team was abroad.


A++++ behind the scenes coverage. Such wonderful insight into the young team and how Coach runs practices, and how organized his practices are. Iggy is gonna be a star!

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Glad you guys enjoyed. I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see any more competitive 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 type of action today though.


Thanks Dylan, great footage. Certainly takes me back. Iggy has a great stroke, reminds me of a cross between Chris Mullins and David Hesch. They just believe the ball is going in the hole. JB is telling them it’s all about the “feel”…gotta feel it! I’ve never seen a coach that focuses so much on angles. From bank shots to balance on one leg…fundamentals! The skills these young men are learning transfer
to the NBA. Watch Caris and TB this year…covet thy rock!

Castleton looks like he has already filled out a lot.
Didn’t notice DDJ making a lot of shots.

Yeah Dylan this was great stuff for sure. Iggy’s long distant shot doesn’t look too bad. He made a lot more than he missed. BJ just looks so smooth out there on his shot. I think he’ll be a good contributor. Z looks more like a jump shooter instead of a set shot now. You can tell he’s working on it. What I can see about him is his upper body in the shoulders almost looks like a body builder now.

To me, Nunez looks the most impressive. Reminds me of Klay Thompson. Repeatable form, and he had the best make percentage from what i saw.

Nunez is the dark horse to make the rotation. This offense desperately need floor spacers.