Video: Eli Brooks talks offseason development


Eli, don’t be so humble, sir. YOU are the man this year. Can’t wait to see you and Isaiah show that NBA talent this year! Go Blue!

I love Brooks as a college player and am beyond impressed with his defense, but if he plays an NBA game I will pay for five people’s UMHoops subcriptions for a year.


Put that money to the side. He will one day play in the NBA.

What player with a similar physical profile, toolset, and college career is playing in the NBA?

I mean, again, no offense to Brooks as he’s one of my favorite players on the team, but Carsen Edwards is a fringe NBA player who spends the vast majority of his time in the G League. And he was a consensus second team all-American.

A best case scenario for me with Brooks this year would be a senior year breakout similar to what Travis Trice did at MSU. Trice went from a pretty passive off guard that was a solid catch and shooter for three years to a centerpiece on the ball in his senior year. I’m not expecting it, but I do think they are somewhat similar players. They were also both listed at 6’1” 180lbs in college.

Trice went undrafted and played two preseason games with the Knicks, but never played in the NBA after that. He was a double digit scorer in the G League and then went overseas. I could see a similar path for Brooks as his ceiling at the next level.