Video: Cole Bajema Early Season Highlights


Love his stroke! Looking forward to him develop and come to Michigan. The arc on his shot is ridiculous. Goes off the screen on a few of the highlights :joy:

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Competition level is obviously lacking for Cole at the HS level, but I still love the feel and flow to his game. I think he’ll be a good shooter (he hasn’t shot it all that well from 3 early this year) but it is that feel for the game that makes me most confident in his potential – also why I think he could project as a 2.

Love how he finds shooters. At his height with his handle and Beilein’s system, he will be dynamite.

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Seems like a great match for Beilein. Very clean game with a projectable frame and feel for what he’s doing. Some time in Camp Sanderson and he could really take off.

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I’m trying to think of a good comparison. Nothing coming to mind…

I think he MIGHT remind some of Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Length and fluidity with excellent range. Good ball-handling.


Freshman: “How did this guy make this team?”.

Sophomore: “He can score, but can he guard anybody?”.

Junior/Senior: “We can’t live without this guy”.

Blaine Borderites might be the coolest HS name I’ve ever seen.

I’ve used “less athletic Kevin Huerter” as a possible comp. His offensive style kind of fits that, but Huerter was a super underrated athlete and defender.

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Oh, that makes sense. Thanks!

Yeah he definitely looks like a 2 offensively. Just wonder what you can do with him out there on D.

He uses his body well on the layups, meaning he extends well horizontally on layups so as not to get blocked
so his feet may be 5’ away from the rim but he leans forward to the rim and the ball gets to the rim

I was thinking Huerter also. I couldn’t remember his name though and didn’t want to post that “lanky red headed sharp shooter from Maryland”. lol.

Yeah, he seems to have excellent body control generally.

Competition level caveats, but it’s hard to tell at times if he’s being methodical or slow. I could definitely see an adjustment period where he needs a year of Camp Sanderson and adjustment to the college speed. Having such length will be a huge asset in this regard.

Looks like a pretty loose handle at this point too. I’m sure that’ll be a point of emphasis once he gets to campus.

I say Oregon State Brent Barry