Video: Chris Mack talks win over Michigan

Oof. DDJ quote comes back to bite him

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I’d love to give them the smoke later in the year on a neutral court with more rest.


Easy for Nwora to say that when the game is in your 22,000 seat venue and your opponent is playing its fourth game in seven days, three of which were thousands of miles away, and in the last nine days all you’ve done is take a 3-hour bus ride to Nashville and back.


I hope this isn’t offensive, but the post game interviews this season have been very hard to hear.

I dont know if this is something that can be helped, but I have hardly been able to make out anything being said. I have to put earbuds in just to be able to hear something.

Is there a way the volume can be turned up on your recording camera?

Jon Teske being a mumbler doesn’t help :^D

official version.
@umhoops it would be great if you could link to the official versions when available. I agree that the mobile phone versions are hard to listen to.

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Thanks. Yeah I can hear him all right.

I couldn’t hear Juwan or Teske.

I subscribed to UMHoops so that I can have access to the post game pressers ASAP. I love watching these.
To me, it’s like part of the game.


A lot of the press conferences are available at The audio is from the podium microphone, so you can hear just fine. But that doesn’t mean that you can hear the questioner, that’s usually better on Dylan’s recordings.