Video Breakdown Question


Hey guys, if you watched the video breakdown we did of Iggy. Would you rather have 1 video with everything combined or split things into multiple clips for each area of the writeup?


I prefer the latter in an article, but the former when I’m on youtube.


Multiple clips for each area.


Probably multiple clips, but either way it’s awesome. Thanks.


Thanks guys… Multiple clips seems to be the consensus. Should make reading the post easier. Hoping to have Nunez and Castleton breakdowns before this weekend.


Tried splitting this one up… we’ll get to something that works. Hoping that you guys like this sort of content. Planning to have them for the freshmen as well.


Yeah, this content is a large part of what sets this site apart.



I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoy this series.


^^^^ film breakdown and statistical analysis is sorely needed in the basketball community. Well worth the price of admission


Jordan Poole today