Video Breakdown: How Zavier Simpson impacts Michigan's defense


It’s 2 months later and Connor Gilespie is still seeing Z in his nightmares…


Good stuff thanks.
Active hands does not do X justice. He’s lethal. Lightning. Precise. He would be one helluva boxer. I’ve never seen a M b-ball player with better hands. His ability to snatch a basketball from another player is unmatched.

Edit: Gary Grant had great hands too. I think X has better


Eric, this should be a national piece. Great stuff.

Thanks, man!

Beilein has been challenging Zavier to be the winningest player in Michigan basketball history, right? Anyone know who are the winningest players now? How many wins does Zavier need? I got him and Teske at 74 right now.

Someone that was a freshman for the 85-86 season to the national title season in 88-89. 104 wins. Jordan Morgan has 104 - 2010-2014. If you played from 84-88, you’d have 100 wins. Jimmy King, Ray Jackson won 97 games.

If Moe would have stayed, he’d have shattered the record.

Edit: Gary Grant and Steve Stoyko were from 84-88. Glen Rice, Mark Hughes, and JP Oosterbaan are the winningest players as far as I can tell as they played from 85-89.


Do you have to play in the game to qualify? I would think so.

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“Wins” isn’t an official stat, so I’m not sure that there are rules for what is required to qualify :slight_smile:

Glen Rice missed 2 games in his career. Whether they were wins or losses, I have no idea

Good stuff, thanks! I think you have to play in the game…that eliminates Teske and Davis from the running. I’m taking Simpson on the over 104. Figure at least 10 more this year and at least 20 next year.

Great analysis and video of my main man ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

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I thought Teske was ‘the big sleep’ :grin:


Z stands for Zavier and Z is my favorite player on this team. If you were trying to be funny,you were not.

He is a dandy. Very impressive tonight.

X is still his nickname, not Z.

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Way to force your way into the rotation! :grinning: