USA Basketball Junior Mini Camp Roster

Not sure if this espn article is behind a pay wall or not. The article lists 87 players in the 2019-2022 classes.

Many of the usual suspects in the 2020 class listed, Hampton, Isaiah Jackson, Dickerson.

I found it interesting that 2 players out of the 28 players listed for the class of 2022 were from Michigan. (Emoni Bates and Ty Rodgers). I know some video of those two playing was posted earlier in the year. Seem to be two of the top prospects in that class nationally.

Ty Rodgers was at Michigan’s Team Camp. He’s a very impressive youngster. I think @BP3 has shared a lot of background on him here.

Yep. Big time talent. I think it’s hard to rank or cluster kids as early into high school as guys like Rodgers. But Ty is a top 20-30 player already in that class and should stay at least in that area all through high school. He’s pretty fond of Michigan. In particular Isaiah Livers and Jordan Poole.

As of now Michigan has positioned themselves well for him. But still a loooonnngg ways to go.

Interesting seems like UM has a shot with Rodgers, but like you said, a long way to go.

For Bates, my mental model is his recruitment will end up a lot like that of Josh Jackson. Am I off base with that model? Thoughts.

Not at all. Bates’s character doesn’t even fit Michigan. Amazing talent, not so fond of everything else personally.

Is that him or his Dad?

It’s more than just that. His dad is actually cool with me and I hope that Emoni lives up to the hype. Just don’t think Michigan is exactly the spot.