Updates and photos from Michigan's Spain trip



Are they selling those anywhere?




Maybe some pickup games?



They are playing 3 games and traveling all over these places to see attractions etc. I don’t think they’ll have much free time to go find a local pick up game. I think it makes sense to have the practices at home for better focus etc.



Look’s like no walk-on’s allowed to go on this trip?


Here is a team meal. There are 15 guys in the picture. Also, picture from Quinn’s article has what looks like a full travel party picture.



Am I crazy to think Adrien Nunez’ body looks a lot more athletic already?

Looks very different to me than the guy in the video we saw when he committed…


Good read on Iggy


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I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that the players that arrive, and those that continue to develop through their college years are not yet finished products. It’s going to be an exciting year to see how everyone progresses!


I think the other people in the picture are not the walk-on’s. The 5 walk-on’s are Rico Harrison, CJ Baird, Naji Ozeir, Luke Wilson and Jaron Faulds. I haven’t seen a picture of them at all in Spain.


I’m glad you posted pictures of them here. They are important members of the team. They work extremely hard in practice everyday for very little recognition or the reward of a scholarship. Their efforts help the team to grow and to improve. Thanks, guys! And thanks Dssstar for acknowledging and recognizing them here!


Just for housekeeping. Michigan won its first game of the tour against Madrid Generals. I’ll split out game coverage into their own stories/threads and keep posting trip stuff in here with a link to those posts/threads.

Game 1 Quick Story:

Game 1 Thread/Tweets/‘Play by Play’