Unofficial Visitors for U-M football games?


Has anyone heard the names of any of possible basketball recruits that have visited U-M for football games this year ? I’ve only read the names of just a handful of possible recruits who have visited Ann Arbor this fall for Wolverine football games ? Is that because the local media has been focused on Michigan football ? Coach Beilein’s health issues ? Other issues ? It just seems with U-M coming off last season’s NCAA Tournament run, Coach B and his staff would use that momentum to bring in as many underclassmen/recruits as possible for recruiting ? Has anyone heard or seen anything ?


Beilein has never seemingly publicly advertised basketball visits like the football program does.


That, and Michigan hasn’t really been super aggressive getting quantity. Moreso trying to get guys on campus that are legitimate targets. Heard Michigan is trying to get 5 star 7’1 Center Hunter Dickinson on campus soon. Seems Michigan will be focusing on bigs to wrap up 2020.


It’s up to the media to publicize recruit visits. Coaches can’t talk about it.


After a guard right (morton, Jackson)?


The media apparently gets no info from Beilein’s staff about recruiting. I think that’s quite unusual. It’s certainly not been the case with football for the last 20 years.


That’s why I started the topic, with basketball recruiting starting earlier and earlier, I guarantee U-M is using each of these early season football games to rub elbows with the top recruits in-state and probably throughout the Midwest but we get little to no information-- its disappointing to say the least.


Well if the rumors I’ve heard are true, then Michigan has or will pick up a commitment from Zeb Jackson so then the focus will go towards landing a high level big man.


I don’t think it is a “done deal”, but sounds like this is happening and you are correct.


I didn’t say it was a done deal but yeah it’s looking good. We will see if it happens.


Getting me awful excited…


Thanks for sharing the rumors! Did you hear about this before or after Zeb announced he is going to take 3 more official visits?


I heard his parents supposedly want him to take all his officials before deciding to make sure he is certain. So it’s why I didn’t say it’s a done deal. It looks good as of now but he’s still got to do 3 officials. A lot of time can change and all 3 schools he just setup have decent shots at wowing him.