Uniforms to be announced Sept. 30


Overall a home run, I think.

It’s probably just me but something is a bit weird with that new font. Seems very short and squat. I suppose I will get used to it, but it is … different.


I like the triple piping on the bottom of the shorts. It makes it pop out a bit while still looking natural.


I think the Jumpman logo on the shorts looks a little weird, but I guess everyone’s gotta have a nitpick. Overall I’m a fan.


Yeah, there was a discussion about that on mgoblog and the general consensus was that Nike puts their logo there, albeit a little higher up, for many of the uniforms and it doesn’t look as weird when they’re actually playing.




The Jumpman and “23,” in maize and blue, on the actual Jordan Shoes has to be the best part. Absolutely iconic


Per DJ Khaled’s snapchat, World Wide Wes is there.


Looks like Crisler is about 25% full if the whole upper deck is closed, and the curtain blocks one baseline (what I can tell from SWebb’s periscope). Seems like it will be fully streamed there if anyone is interested.





I am really impressed. Just love the clean, classical look with some modern flair.

Well done.


How are they going to fit “Abdur-Rahkman” on the back of that?


Shorts could be roomier; so could the jersey. But I like the look.



WWW in the middle. Been on campus a lot more lately.


Yeah I’m not a big fan of the tight fitting stuff. But I do like it paired with the more narrow back. Gives it a 70s style look.

As long as the kids like it though.


I think that cut is Nike standard (which I’m not really a fan of). That’s how MSU’s jerseys looked last year.


To me, this looks fantastic. But is the M different from the one in the final product? Is this the final product?



So any news on visitors?


I also am anxiously awaiting the visitor list for this event. Any insight from anyone would be appreciated.