Uniforms to be announced Sept. 30

This tease almost HAS to mean the new unis will be strongly patterned on Fav V era gear, dontcha think?

I’d think so. The jersey tops almost certainly will be. Someone already posted a teaser pic and the collar trim is modeled after the Fab 5 uniforms.

Any news on visitors with this being a hyped weekend for both basketball and football?

My singular hope is that Nike/Jumpman/MDen sell more than just the cheapo versions of them like Adidas did. Fan base may not be strong enough to make it work economically, but the quality of what they make should be much less fast fashion/disposable than Adidas.

I want that design (very badly), but I don’t think this has anything to do with that. Jalen is simply the highest profile available bball alum, so I don’t think we can read anything more into it.

Wonder/Hoping they release some more fall/winter gear either hoops related or not on Friday.

According to Darren Rovell at ESPN: “Michigan expecting that every seat in its basketball arena will be filled tomorrow for Jordan uniform reveal with a performance from DJ Khaled”

I am guessing the uniforms will look a lot like one would expect – simple and classic. That said, I’d enjoy it if they gave a nod to the Fab Five with black shoes/socks.

I’m pretty skeptical that they’re going to fill up Crisler for the uniform reveal. It would be pretty cool if they did, though.

It seemed surprising to me too. Maybe it’s every seat available for the event. Or maybe DJ Khaled is more popular than I realize.

Looks like it’s not the whole venue (maybe 60-80%) based on this setup:

Was there a set date for the time registration ended? If they closed it then I’d assume they did so because it got filled up but I’m not sure. Maybe they’re gonna pull the curtain down or something.

Thank you, fans! Our registration is now CLOSED for Friday’s @Jumpman23 event. #GoBlue #WEAREJORDAN #HAILMichigan pic.twitter.com/3W8X0aTXq1

— Michigan Athletics (@UMichAthletics) September 28, 2016

They have to have a bunch of recruits on campus this weekend, guess we will wait and see but not looking good since nothing has come out yet.

I agree no clue how nothing has surfaced yet. You have a golden opportunity with the Jumpman event they can’t waste it.

There are always visitors on campus that are never advertised. Beilein doesn’t advertise that stuff for whatever reason.

I think this is pretty cool but is there a reason why Michigan would do this but not a midnight madness?

Probably because Nike told them to. I just wish they’d use the chance to make an impression on a 5-star or two.

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Those jerseys are great. I wish the block M were bigger on the shorts, though.