Uniforms to be announced Sept. 30

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This image was posted on the MGoBlog thread. So it seems like they’ll be exactly the Fab Five uniforms but obviously less baggy than they used to be.

Pretty sure that image was from the Jordan Brand launch promo video. Hard to derive that much from it… guess we’ll see.

The more complex basketball uniforms get, the worse they are IMO. I think keeping it simple is the best option, so I would be happy to keep the unique aspects to the trim.

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Agreed. I feel like designing the uniforms for Michigan should be pretty easy and they shouldnt have to over think it. Keep it clean and simple, especially if you can add some inspiration and retro flare from a time when we were the it basketball program like the Fab 5

I hope they keep the tire tracks on the shorts and find some way to incorporate a wolverine mascot into the design – the bigger, the better. That, and camouflage alternates.


get out.

get out!

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Hope you are being sarcastic.

And the highlighter yellow, don’t forget the highlighter yellow. I bet you could something interesting with that, the camo look, mascots and Jumpman…


Why not have tire tracks being the entire design up and down the shorts with camo shirts? And similar to MSU’s bright green jerseys we could use Carolina blue for the away jerseys!

Good idea – only problem is that Marquette already uses Carolina blue and tire tracks. I think that’s why Cain chose them.

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DJ Khaled will be in the house.


What: Jordan Brand Basketball Unveil
When: Sept. 30, 7 p.m.
Where: Crisler Center
Who: DJ Khaled and You
How Much: Free | Registration Required

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – When Nike, Inc. and Jordan Brand began their partnership with the University of Michigan this year, special launch events captivated audiences and sports media. Another such event is slated for Friday, Sept. 30, when U-M’s Jumpman basketball uniforms will be unveiled at Crisler Center.

The 7 p.m. event is free and open to the public. Due to the anticipated crowd, attendees are required to register on the Nike special events website.

To unveil the uniforms, Jordan Brand is bringing a high-energy celebration to feature the men’s and women’s basketball teams and producer DJ Khaled. The event will also be the Wolverines basketball teams’ first look at the new uniform designs amidst a full night of programming, including musical performances and team skills challenges.

U-M coaches John Beilein and Kim Barnes Arico will join DJ Khaled to lead the event with community participation throughout the evening.

Sounds fun, wish I could go.

Here’s the registration link


DJ Khaled & John Beilein. This year’s team slogan: “WE THE BEST”

Weems and Watts are visiting this weekend. The uniform thing is next weekend. I’m sure there’ll be people in as well.

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I hope they are doing all they possibly can to get Mo in for another visit next week.

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Ahh, my bad.

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