Uncommitted 2014 SGs?

With Nik going pro after this year a real possibility are there any shooting guards still available? Is the Marqywell Jackson kid from East Village Prep any good? We could be at 11 scholarship players two years in a row.

http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Pape-Diatta-70322/ (same school as Emblid)

http://247sports.com/Player/Josh-Cunningham-17550 (stretch 4 imo but could convert to the wing)

Are all available but I’m sure some late bloomer will pop up plus decomitts and transfers

Rather bank than take a body

Rather bank than take a body

We will need more offers out to 2015 prospects if we want to actually successfully bank one for that year.

Peyton Allen is still out there.

Rainer Beach and Seattle Wa has been known to Produce Some Nice Players!! IJS

We seem to be on a 2014 wing Kobie Eubanks

Reggie Rankin ‏@ReggieRankin 21m
Kobie Eubanks official recruiting list no particular order. pic.twitter.com/BUYtImE1ES

The nice thing is that we can get the best available SG/SF/PF because Chatman can play the wing or the 4. We don’t have to reach to fill a certain position.

I know Crean was just signed through 2020, but who knows what the buyout language is. If Vonleh leaves early, and IU loses to a couple more teams like Penn State the Crean era could be over in the very near future. It’s most likely a lost cause, but you have to wonder if Blackmon would want to be part of a rebuilding process at IU.

Hi buyout is 14M this year, 12M next year, and then 1M after that. Hard to see them firing Crean before that 1M buyout (even though it is deserving).

New targets?

St. John's NW Military 2014 wing Ryan Taylor lists an offer from NDSU, with interest coming from Michigan, Texas A&M-CC, Hofstra, and Ga St

— Corey Evans (@coreyevans_10) February 13, 2014

2014 OSNA (NY) SF Kobe Eubanks lists Pitt, USC, Wichita State, Minnesota, Baylor, Missouri, Murray State,Cuse, Michigan, Louisville,& UNLV.

— Future150.com (@Future150) February 7, 2014

Eubanks senior mix tape