UNC Academic Scandal

Rather than derailing the 2015 recruit thread (because Dozier and Brown both have UNC on their shortlists), I’ll make a new thread. Here is an article that lays out where the UNC scandal sits at this point:


There was a whole system in place designed for student athletes to take fake classes to keep their GPAs above the NCAA’s required 2.0 needed for eligibility. You’d have to read half of the stuff to believe it.

“Moreover, 10 of the 15 members of Roy Williams’ 2005 national championship team were AFAM majors”


"Andrew Carter ‏@_andrewcarter

Spoke with Ingram’s dad. Basically said the NCAA stuff killed UNC’s chances. Not groundbreaking stuff there, but there you have it."

I figured we’d see this play on the recruiting trail.

This scandal has hurt UNC bad on the recruiting trail. They’ve lost out on several high level prospects because of the unknown regarding what is going to happen.

On another note, I’ve read into a ton on this (I grew up a UNC fan). It’s not just an athletic issue, it has seemed to be an institutional issue. A little more than half of the cases were actually non-athletes. Either way, shouldn’t happen.