Unbalanced Big Ten schedules

This is a timely article from BTN.com… Given the schedule, MSU has to be a huge favorite in my opinion.

As for MSU, it depends somewhat on how fast Denzel Valentine gets back and what they can do in his absence. Three of their first four are road games - @Iowa, @Minny, and @PSU - and with Valentine I’d expect to win 2 if not 3, but without him we’ll see. Those could be losses, depending on well others do, that make a difference later on. But yeah, otherwise I agree.

The article labels UM’s schedule a loser because it plays Purdue and Maryland twice, but overall I don’t mind the schedule. We have plenty of opportunities for quality wins hosting MD, PU, and MSU (and I guess IU, Iowa, and maybe NU too?), and avoid going to East Lansing and Bloomington. If we end up not winning the conference because of our schedule, we’ll all be pretty happy with where we ended up. And as a time that will hopefully be jockeying for seeding in the tourney, I like having most if not all the top teams at home and missing at least a couple on the road.

How are the conference schedules determined? And when?

I guarantee that MSU wil not lose to Minny or PSU.

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As if they needed any help!

Well, MSU lost at home to Minny last year – one of two victories in Minny’s final 8 games last year, the other being Rutgers – and I’m not at all convinced that MSU without Valentine this year is better than MSU last year. Sure, Minny seems even more down this year, and I don’t think MSU will lose, but stranger things have happened. Remember, MSU was down by 11 to Kansas with under 10 minutes to go, were down at home the first 30 minutes to Louisville, were down at home with under ten minutes to go to a pretty average Florida team, and went to OT with Oakland . It wouldn’t shock me for this team to have a couple blips, especially without Valentine, and that can be the difference in a conference race. Again, not that I think it will happen…

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MSU is really good, but I think the Big Ten season has taught us that there are always going to be blips along the radar (Michigan at Penn State 2013, Wisconsin at Rutgers last year, etc.)