UMHoops Yahoo Tourney Pick 'Em

Hey guys, just thought it’d be a fun little venture to start a group and see who everybody picks in the bracket. It’s a Yahoo group because I don’t feel like giving ESPN the traffic (though Yahoo is just another mega site that provides crappy content).

Group ID: UMHoops
ID Number: 156495
Password: dylan2016

Hope everyone participates.


great idea


extra words for 10 characters.

Good idea – I promised myself that I wouldn’t do any brackets this year because after they get busted by 2pm on Thursday I usually feel shame for about a month. but what the heck.

Come on folks, we can get more than 6.

Didn’t realize you needed a Yahoo account. I’m kinda maxed out for throwaway accounts. Otherwise I’d totally do this.

Good idea. I’ll try to sign up before the games tomorrow

You can sign in with a regular email it comes up as an option