UM will play UDM (Bacari) at Little Caesar's Arena as part of double header with MSU v Oakland

…the other game.

So subplot we get to play Kam Chatman…


What a really cool set up. Good community games, can we get some MACtion there too? Or gvsu/svsu?

Is it too late at this point to get another P5 non conference game? Right now our home schedule is awful, with only UCLA and then… Air Force?

Not really sure when you would even play it.

Maui, UCLA, Texas, AFA, Big Ten ACC, Big Ten games in December. Not much of a gap anywhere.

I mean after the early season tourney last year we had UCLA, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia Tech. I don’t count Air Force as a big opponent, so we definitely had room for more than we have now last year.

Maui (x3)
Big Ten/ACC

NY (x2)
Big Ten/ACC

So last year 6 games, this year 6 games. Plus you have to add in the travel to Maui and playing 2 Big Ten games the week of December 8th (I believe that’s right).

There might be another one as part of the Gavitt Tipoff or whatever it’s called, right?

Yeah, but Maui is only one extra day compared to NY, so an extra game there doesn’t equal an extra game somewhere else. I’d guess both Maui and NY have one dedicated travel day for there and another for back so I don’t see travel making an impact. At most Maui takes away 2 possible days. As of right now this home schedule is as brutal as it gets. Hopefully they learned from last year’s dud against Texas and don’t schedule UCLA on a Tuesday night at 9:00 PM.

Fro front page… No Gavitt and it sounds like Air Force might be up in the air.

Well it is the same # of games in terms of how many you want to play against HMs.

Michigan will be in Maui Thanksgiving week, then come home and play the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on the 28/29th or thereabouts. Then you have to fit in the Texas and the UCLA games while playing 2 Big Ten around the Dec 2nd weekend, Detroit the 16th, probably a guarantee game on the 23rd. You are hoping to get UCLA at home on December 8th maybe.

FanRag Sports exclusively reported last December that this conference would play two league games in early December of 2017 around the Big Ten title game in football, and that element creates an entirely new dynamic for basketball teams in this conference.

Several Big Ten programs play aggressive non-league schedules and the addition of two league games prior to Christmas means that the level of competition during the first month of the season will reach an unprecedented level for some.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be against a high major, but another game against a team that people have heard of would be nice…

Well you will have a home Big Ten game in there if that helps.

Somehow I completely missed that this is happening. I had no idea what you were talking about with Big Ten games in December. Is this in addition to the 18 normal Big Ten games?

Maui combined with that and the games that Michigan already has on the schedule make me think that another marquee game is unlikely and according to the calendar it would be nearly impossible to play it on a weekend.

I do agree that it would be nice to get UCLA or a weekend at home and Texas on the road on a weekday.

Somehow I completely missed that this is happening. I had no idea what you were talking about with Big Ten games in December. Is this in addition to the 18 normal Big Ten games?

This is 2 of the 18 games because the schedule is ending a week early for the Big Ten Tournament in NYC.

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Yup, I was not at all accounting for those 2 games. Definitely no room for another well known team.