UM Hoops Bracket Challenge


Going to give out t-shirts and bragging rights to the top 3.

Sign up here.

Group: UM Hoops
Password: umhoops


I’ll probably finish middle of the pack, just like the BTT picks competition.

For now, I’ll celebrate my final hours in first place.


Looks like there was a substantial advantage to be gained by not picking Michigan to win it all :slight_smile:

Or maybe not.


After Day 1 I am tied for 73rd. I had to scroll to the second page(!) in the standings to find my entry.

Looks like my “middle of the pack” prediction was wildly optimistic.

I had Arizona making it to the championship game, so that doesn’t help. So much for that “us against the world” mentality that the Wildcats should’ve had.


Leaders through three days… Looks like @JJ3 is leading the way.


Dylan also dominating his predictions per usual…


I wanna know if 4th place still gets a T if Dylan finishes at the top :wink:


Ha! Yes, I will still give out the t-shirts for the other top finishers in the extremely unlikely chance that happens.


Actually, in honor of the HBCUTMV win over VA Dylan is giving free t’s with pizza stains to the first 100 people who ask.


I do my picks in 10 minutes with very little thought. I know going in I’m picking M to win it all


That’s my strategy as well!


Hey, my score is on the first page now!

OK, so 34th is nothing special. I don’t even have the high score of those with Purdue as their champion, but I do like the jump in rank to lukewarm mediocre. It’s an improvement.


Hey guys,

Message me your address info and t-shirt size please.