UM Hoops Bracket Challenge 2024

Go ahead and submit your brackets! Winner gets bragging rights on the board!

Password: umhoops

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I think you accidentally chose the NCAA Tournament and not the CBI with some of my candidates

Whoever named their bracket “Tricky Tray”… I have immense respect towards you (it wasn’t me!)

lol I was positive it was you

Are we no longer allowed to rename our bracket on ESPN?

you gotta go in the bracket and then change it from there

I tried that. No option to change.

I found I could only change the name once I actually completed a bracket, then it let me at the top of it by clicking the gear option next to the name.


yes, sorry. After you finish a bracket. then you can name it and join a group. which is really annoying but I just had it auto filled as a palceholder

That did it. Bass ackwards way of doing it!

I’m not that old and tech illiterate yet!

haha same. I felt boomer energy coursing through my veins as I hunted for like 10 minutes to change my bracket name.


How do I post bracket from my Jitterbug?

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Interesting distribution :thinking:

Samford, eh? :exploding_head:

Gotta ride for Bucky Ball

If any of you want to talk to real ball knowers instead of this chump @umhoops , @BigBoutros, @BlueFront , and I are now taking questions

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I just realized I’m 21 spots behind my Dad :frowning:

Boiler Up!

Rocky top

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@DMB43 dad also winning household bragging rights