UCLA at Michigan Discussion


Yikes, I don’t think we’re very close to getting to a sweet 16, let alone a final 4.


I see the team as being right on schedule to progress just nicely. Still need the freshman to make in season adjustments (see - get more comfortable with offense and defense). Texas game will tell us a lot about where we are playing on the road since the Ohio St. game.


Hey my shot was in the response that basketball needed a football recruit to attend in order to sell out. Also, I loathe football and think it should stop.


I could buy that for the students, where they may have a chance to sit near him or meet him. I can’t buy that as the reason why the upper bowl got filled up for the game.


Wait, do people actually go to a basketball game because a football recruit is in attendance?


Next year or the year after?


I thought the comment was sarcastic? I don’t think this is a thing that happens.


The knowledge that it was going to be a little more of an event could have drawn some kids.


If true, that is really sad. I suspect it was a good crowd because UCLA was here.